How Our Design Service Works

A completely unique emblem made just for your Bub.

Our designers will take everything you tell us and convert it into a memorable, one of a kind gift.

Your bub's name, favourite colour, favourite animal, style, birthplace and any one of the many other unique aspects of your bub can be included in their own bespoke emblem to go on our clothing range.

Step 1

Choose your item size and colour.

Step 2

Fill out a quick questionnaire to provide details about your child - this will help us design your Bub’s bespoke emblem.

Step 3

Select the main colour for your little one’s emblem and choose whether you’d like it embroidered or printed.

Step 4

Add your item to the cart and head to the checkout.

Bespoke Emblem Costs

Creating a bespoke emblem requires our designer’s time and skill to craft an entirely unique emblem for your bub. We manage the entire process from start to finish, during which we ask for your feedback and will amend the initial design until you are happy with it.

The cost of getting your bespoke emblem is £100, once the design is finalised you will be issued a unique code which you can use to have your bespoke emblem printed or embroidered on all the items you decide to purchase in the future.

Step 5

Within 3 days we will email you with your newly designed emblem for you to approve or modify.

Step 6

Once you are happy, we will print or embroider your design on your chosen item and post it out to you.

Step 7

We will email you with your unique emblem code so that you can carry on building this unique wardrobe!